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A3: SME Go Global

Proposal submission date
Start date: November 23rd, 2020 End date: December 9th, 2020

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Problem Statement Information

General, Digital Channels

Problem statement tags
#global #collaboration

Detailed Description
How might Prudential effectively and sustainably play a role in facilitating overseas trade and collaboration for SMEs?

In this current age of globalization, the customer base of SMEs are no longer restricted to those located in the same geographical boundaries as the SMEs. This potentially opens up alot of new opportunities for SMEs to expand their business into and learn through collaboration with other foreign SMEs. However, many SMEs do not have the ability or technical know how to capitalize on it and utilize this global connectedness to their advantage.

The best submissions will also consider what role Prudential can play in this solution and how we can achieve a win-win-win outcome for SMEs, the solution provider and Prudential.


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