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C5: Health Data for Healthier Living

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Start date: November 23rd, 2020 End date: December 9th, 2020

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Problem Statement Information

Fintech, General, Digital Channel

Problem statement tags
#fintech #healthtech #digitalization

Detailed Description
How might we encourage Pulse users to provide relevant health data which we can then use to generate insights for them and nudge them, through the Pulse app, towards a healthier lifestyle?

Fundamental health metrics like weight, height, BMI, body fat, cholestrol level and the like would be most useful, followed by lifestyle indicators such as diet, how often do they exercise, duration and quality of sleep, steps walked, etc.

If wearables are used in the proposed solution, please ensure that these are reasonably accessible and cost effective. Integrity of data collected is important (eg. inputs coming directly from a weighing scale would be considered more reliable than weight input by a user). The user journey needs to be smooth, and the best solutions will also be able to get user updates frequently/ regularly.

You can find the Pulse by Prudential app in both the Apple and Google Play app store.


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