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Emerging Stronger in the New Normal

Submit Solutions End Date:February 1, 2021

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Be part of PRU Fintegrate 2020
  • Register

    November 23, 2020

    Register to kickstart your PRU Fintegrate Journey. We will provide more details of the opportunity statements shared by the owners, and a channel for you to clarify queries.

  • Submit proposals

    December 9, 2020

    Participating teams submit proposed solutions to one or more Opportunity Statements. You can indicate if this is an idea only (Category A) or if you also have the capability to build out a prototype/ Proof of Concept out on the APIX platform (Category B). Solutions will be evaluated on a rolling basis, so early submission gives you the best runway to get selected, and you also get more time to prepare for your pitch.

  • Pitching

    December 11, 2020

    Shortlisted individuals/ teams will be invited to pitch to a panel of senior Prudential executives during the Singapore FinTech Festival, Shark Tank style. The winning Category A team(s) will be announced at this event. Prudential will offer successful Category B teams the opportunity to take on paid Proof of Concepts on the APIX platform.

  • Solution Submission

    February 1, 2021

    Proof of Concepts are submitted on the APIX platform

  • Winner Announcement

    February 15, 2021

    Hyrbrid Grand Finale celebration event where the overall winner is announced. Whatever stage your proposed solution has made it to, you are now a part of the Prudential innovation community where you get access to even more opportunities to network, learn and co-create.

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About E-Hackathon

Co-Creating a Healthier and Wealthier world

At Prudential, our purpose is Innovating to Help Everyone Live Well.

2020 has been an extraordinary year. With a global pandemic still affecting millions of lives and livelihoods, we are opening up our annual PruFintegrate Open Innovation Challenge beyond the usual FinTechs, HealthTechs and MedTechs to the Design, student and other communities as well.

Tell us how you think we can help entire national populations, or a particular demographic group, to lead healthier lives, or manage their wealth with more resilience. Or perhaps share your solutions on how a large MNC like Prudential with a global footprint and strong local presence might partner SMEs and help them build better, stronger, more digitalized businesses that will thrive, not just survive.

Prudential is looking to build an ecosystem of partners who can work with us to solve social and business challenges with creative solutions. So, whether you have a full fledged solution you can let us test out through APIs on the APIX platform, or just an idea of what could be, we invite you to be part of our PruFintegrate journey.

For the selected tech players, we offer paid Proof of Concept opportunities and the potential to pitch directly to senior regional executives to rapidly scale up your solutions across our markets globally. For students, we offer internship opportunities.

Problem Statements

The PRU Fintegrate Partnership programme is Prudential’s flagship innovation programme for tech and design partners, as well as student communities, around the world. We are seeking out collaborators who can be part of our Heatlh, Wealth and SME ecosystems, working with us to solve business challenges with creative solutions.

Listed below are 26 problem statements which your team can participate in. The problem statements are available across 3 ecosystems: A for SME Ecosystem, B for Wealth Ecosystem and C for Health Ecosystem.

All problem statements are open for submissions for Category A: Idea Only and Category B: Idea + Solution.


What's In It For You

Shortlisted proposals will get a chance to:

Showcase Your Idea or Solution at FinTech Festival 2020

Pitch directly to senior decision makers who make national/ global purchasing decisions

Up to $40,000 grant for prototyping on APIX.

Build out your proposed solutions with grants from APIX. Or win $3,000 cash just for having the best ideas.

Be part of the Prudential Innovation Community

Continue to network and co-create together with Prudential and our partners even after this Hackathon


Category A:

Outstanding Innovative Idea - Champion

Nine Lives (Benjamin Loh)

Project Name - Nine Lives

Outstanding Innovative Idea - 1st Runner Up

Singapore Management University

Project Name - Digitising Insurance Purchase

Outstanding Innovative Idea - Merit Awards

Flying Cape Pte Ltd

Project Name - Turbocharge My Future

Nanyang Technological University

Project Name - OmniPRUdent

Nanyang Technological University

Project Name - B9 Proposal by Team Minions

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

Project Name - Insurance for Gen Z

Nanyang Polytechnic

Project Name - Pru100% Customizer

Category B:

Ecosystem Partner

Shortlisted Teams will have the chance to receive from any member of the judging panel an offer for a paid Proof of Concept ($5,000 to $40,000), and subject to contract). If accepted, the team will build a prototype on the APIX platform. There is no limit to the number of paid POCs that may be offered.


  • Singapore based companies which are eligible for the $40,000 Business Growth Grants
  • FinTechs, HealthTechs, MedTechs, Design professionals and students
  • Companies which are market-ready or have a minimum viable product
  • Female-led business and teams are encouraged to submit


Can I take part in this Hackathon if I only have an idea but not the capability to build out the solution?

Yes, we are crowdsourcing novel ideas and design hacks (Category A) as much as we are looking for the technical folks to build out actual solutions for us (Category B).

How do we get more context on the opportunity statements?

We are keen to set you up for success. For more context on the problem statements, do check out our specially curated resource pack here:

Does my solution need to focus exclusively on one opportunity statement?

No, your solution can aim to address the needs covered by more than one problem statement. We are looking at the uniqueness of the proposition and feasibility of the business model alongside to achieve the desired goal. Ultimately, the opportunity statement owners will assess if your solution meets their core requirements, and they will offer you the opportunity to win (for Category A) or advance to the Proof of Concept round (for Category B) accordingly.

Can I submit multiple entries?

Yes, we encourage you to respond to every opportunity statement that you think you might have a solution for. Multiple entries would be considered, and more than one of your solutions might be selected.

What is the judging process? And what's in it for me?

For Category A (ideas/ concept only): After you submit your proposal, we will shortlist finalists who will be invited to pitch before senior Prudential executives during the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF). Winners walk away with up to $3,000 of prize money.

For Category B (ideas + prototype): After you submit your proposal, we will select finalists who will be invited to pitch before senior Prudential executives during SFF. There is no limit to the number of teams that can be selected to proceed to the paid prototype round. Any member of the judging panel may make an offer for a paid Proof of Concept ($5,000 to $40,000, and subject to contract), and if accepted, the participating team will build out a prototype on the APIX platform. Participants also get to showcase their solutions at the Grand Finale celebration event in February 2021 before various Prudential teams for further visibility and scalability.

I submitted 2 proposals and was informed that 1 of them has been selected for the pitching round. Does it mean that the other proposal has been eliminated from consideration?

We evaluate proposals on a rolling basis, as and when they are submitted. If your proposal has been selected early on in the process, congratulations! This means that the opportunity statement owner feels that your solution is very promising or relevant and has given your proposal direct access to the pitching round. All other proposals will be considered by a committee at intervals and we will inform you by 9 December if your proposal has been selected for the pitching session on 11 December.

How will the participants selected for the pitching round be involved in Singapore FinTech Festival?
Shortlisted participants get to pitch their solutions to the panel of Prudential senior executives at a closed door event during the FinTech Festival.
How should I prepare for the pitch?

The judging criteria will be shared with you in the email where we invite you to pitch. Please ensure that you prepare your pitch to meet these criteria, which will be along the lines of how user-centric the solution is, whether it is technologically feasible to implement and also whether it makes business sense for Prudential, our partners and/ or our customers. For Categroy B pitches, where you will also be expected to build out the prototype on the APIX platform, you will also have to demonstrate that your team has the capability to build out the solution.

Does my solution need to be primarily a financial solution?

We are seeking solutions inspired by every discipline and industry. However, if you are a Singapore-based company presenting a financial solution, you may be eligible for the Business Growth Grant for Proof of Concepts done with Prudential, and this makes it easier for our judges to offer you a paid POC.

Do I have the chance to implement my ideas if I win Category A?

As Category A is meant for teams who have ideas to contribute but lack the technical expertise, the teams will not to proceed to build your proof of concept. However, you can still stand a chance to walk away with grand prizes of up to 3k.

Can I sign up as an individual?

Yes, you are welcome to sign up either in a team representing an organization or as an individual. If you are signing up as an individual, please fill in "NA" in the mandatory fields asking for company or school details. In the column for Team Leader Details, please fill in your personal contact details.


For PruFintegrate 2020 related queries, please reach out to

For technical queries during registration or proposal submission process, please reach out to